DIY – How to make a shell necklace

10th July 2020 ,


I’m not sure what’s happened to “summer” but I want to bring you a summery DIY necklace all the same. As I’ve said previously I’ve fallen back in love with jewellery making and this simple shell necklace tutorial can help you turn your gathered treasures into something really beautiful and wearable. Once you’ve got your supplies gathered you’ll be able to turn pockets of treasure into sweet summer momentos.


You’ll need – Beading Thread, Beading Needles, Flat back cameo mounts, Double loop split ring, bolt ring, seed beads (there are alot of colours to choose from – I would choose something matte rather than shiny and a metallic), E6000 glue, a small selection of shells.

Step 1 – Depending in the size of your shell take your cameo mounts and add a dot of E6000 glue to each, apply to the back of the shell. I positioned these on the arches of the heart, make sure the eye of the mount it poking over the top, you’ll need this hole to tread through. Also make sure the holes line up both sides.

If you don’t have a heart shell – I admit this was a lucky find – you can create a mix of tiny shells and sea glass on just one cameo mount (see this post for inspiration). Keep this detail really light and delicate and avoid anything too chunky.

Leave to dry.


Step 2 – Take a length of beading thread and fasten securely with a couple of knots to one side of the mount. Thread the loose end onto a beading needle and add your seed beads. The advantage of making your own jewellery is you can decide on the perfect length – each length of beads on this necklace was 20cm.


Step 3 – When you have reached your desired length, make sure the beads are sitting snuggly together and tie the beading thread around the split ring and knot the extra thread a few times to secure. Snip off any extra ends.

Step 4 – Repeat steps 2 and 3 on the other side, this time tying the thread around the loop on the bolt ring.

To secure add a tiny dot of glue or clear nail polish onto each of the knot.





If you are not beach bound this summer, fear not! These work just as well without the shell detail, just add beads as one continuous length and make a simple beaded necklace.

If beading feels like too much work then why not create an easy charm necklace – get yourself some gold discs, a premade necklace and a few jump rings. You can add shells to the discs using glue in the same way I have done above and fix everything together with a jump ring

Or why not make both and layer together in a happy holiday mix – no beach required!

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