DIY – Framing vintage prints in collaboration with Photowall


I’m so delighted to bring you this post in collaboration with Photowall, there’s a treat for you at the end.

My bedroom has been an ongoing project for the last six years – it’s been painted twice, had three beds and various configurations during that time. It was the purchase of two new wardrobes last spring that it finally found its groove. One project I have been working on, is creating a gallery wall full of vintage and floral prints inspired by trips to Voewood House and Aynhoe Park. I wanted a wall that was a seemly eclectic collection built up over time. The only trouble, finding the right prints is a lengthly process of searching charity and vintage shops. When Photowall got in touch I immediately knew what I needed to search for. Whilst tempted to add a mural, I searched ‘Vintage Botanical Prints‘ and found two absolute beauties that have transformed my bedroom into the sanctuary that I always hoped it could be. I love how you can choose different sizes and styles to suit your space but also create a cohesive collection without having to spend hours hunting through cardboard boxes.

For my gallery wall I went for a delicate illustration of medicinal and herbal plants that worked with the colours of my existing prints (i’ll show you how I framed it below) and an antique botanical print of strawflowers. All prints are printed to order so you can select your size knowing that it will be a perfect fit. You can also get them printed as wallpaper which is something I wish I’d known about six years ago!


So onto the DIY element of this post, to highlight the beauty of the print and make it feel like it’s had a history I framed it using an old frame picked up in a charity shop for a few pounds. If searching for old frames is new to you try and see past whats already in the frame, look for good quality materials like wood and glass and the rest can be easily changed.

You’ll need

An old frame (roughly the same size as your print and spray paint


Step 1

Give the frame a quick clean and if possible remove the glass if not cover it completely.


Step 2

Take to a well ventilated area and give the frame two light coats of spray paint leaving to dry between each coat. Depending on the base colour of the frame you might need to do a third coat.


Step 3

Normally at this stage I take the print to get professionally mounted as I think it gives a really lovely finish. However, the framer I use was closed so I went about it myself. I bought a pre-cut mount that I trimmed to fit my frame and then very carefully added the print and replaced the backboard.




To finish I hung in pride of place on my botanical wall, it looks like its been there forever and so happy with all its other floral friends and gathered treasures!


In complete contrast, this beauty filled a rather empty space above a radiator. I hadn’t planned for it to work here but it made the space. To frame, I simply added to a classic 50 x 70cm white frame that I already had but Photowall can even do the framing for you – it couldn’t be easier.



I’m so glad to have finally found the right prints to finish this room, it’s been such a fun project to get completed on dark winter days. Photowall are giving my readers 25% off until 28th February using the code lottsandlots2020. A huge thank you to Photowall for gifting the prints for this post – DIY, Photos and Styling all me.


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  • David Valle

    Whoa! Very nice idea on vintage prints. I really liked your idea and method. Thank you so much.

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