DIY – Floral Bath Salts in collaboration with Polly’s Petals


I swear it’s a happy coincidence that I’m posting this floral bath salts tutorial on Valentines Day. Having a bath once a week has become a treasured part of my routine. If it’s been a long day I’ll turn off the lights and sit in the moonlight, other times I’ll just read but I always add salts, bubbles and a face mask. I didn’t think bath time could get better until I was asked by the family run Polly’s Petal to come up with a tutorial using their craft petals. I kept it purposely simple and it’s definitely a make that I’d get Stanley and Milly to help with. This bath salts DIY is perfect for gifting, with Mother’s Day and Easter on the horizon I’d really recommend making a big batch and passing on. Here’s how to make…


For the bath salt mix you’ll need – A mix of petals, I used Marigold Flowers, Rose Buds, Burgundy Rose Flowers, Cornflower Petals, Epsom Salts, Pink Himalayan Salt, a pretty glass jar (mine was from a vintage shop, try eBay or charity shops for similar or this glass jar would also work)


This is the fun and very pretty bit – hence alot of photos! Add your salts to a bowl and mix then add the flowers and mix again, Polly’s Petals also do a Rose, Cornflower and Marigold mix, which would make life even simpler. As this is such a visual process keep adding flowers and salt until it looks gorgeous.






Once happy with your mix carefully add to the jar, I made a funnel out of paper to help get the contents inside without too many spillages.


I would really recommend making some simple muslin bags to hold your salt and petal mix for in the bath, they couldn’t be easier. First cut a rectangle of muslin 32cm x 24cm, fold in half so the short sides are together and pin into place. On a sewing machine sew a line of stitching along one short and one long side, press the seams. Onto the wrong side of the fabric fold the top over by l cm, press. Fold the top over again by 1/1.5cm, press. On the sewing machine stitch along the edge of the fold making a channel. Take a thick needle and thread a length of ribbon into the channel, knot the end to secure. 


As I’ll be gifting my bath salts I wanted to add a pretty tag to finish off. Using craft wire make a small loop and thread on three Pink Rose Buds and make another small loop to fasten. Repeat using only two rose buds. Take a length of ribbon (the length will depend on your jar) and tie the rose buds to each end. Using a small rectangle of paper punch a hole in one corner and thread the ribbon through. Fix around the jar to finish.






This really is a beaut of a tutorial – simple, gorgeous and sweet smelling! Happy Making! Petals all kindly supplied by Polly’s Petals. Concept, DIY, styling and photography all me.


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  • Rosemary Cunningham

    These are so pretty Charlotte and I can imagine they smell amazing too.. wish I still had a bath but it's shower in the flat now! Gorgeous photography.. you're amazing!

  • Teresa

    It really give a relaxation at the time of taking a bath. You can also have a warm water bath after a tiring day. It will relax your nerves. You should install different bath aids to get your things more easily while bathing.

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