DIY – Decorated Gift Bags

19th January 2020 ,


Hooray for a fully functioning laptop – I just found this sweet gift bag tutorial and I’m so glad I can finally set it free! I’m not a huge fan of gift bags, they are often so specific (think ‘Hello Baby Boy’) that they can’t be reused. These little brown kraft bags however, are perfect for awkward shaped gifts or for when you are wrapping in a hurry and can easily be passed on. They also make excellent favor bags with the additional benefit of being able to theme the ribbon colour to match your party decorations – win win!

They couldn’t be easier to decorate, take your kraft bag, Hobbycraft has a great selection of sizes, and punch a hole in the centre between the handles. Take a length of soft fabric, like chiffon, tread through the hole and tie in a knot. Tie a bow and before you fully tighten, thread lengths of ribbon and other pretty trimmings through the knot and tighten fully. Snip off any extra lengths and gift.

See so easy! With Valentines and Easter on the horizon they are a great little project to while away January days. They would also look great with fresh flowers in the bow, you know I can never resist adding fresh blooms where I can. Happy Making! x






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