Despite the weather, May gives plenty of opportunity to start cut flower seeds for the summer ahead. Sowing seeds now gives time for a long and bountiful season, only finishing with the last frost.

This week I have been busy planting out the last of the Autumn sown seeds into the cut flower beds and sowing a late summer crop.

Here are some of my favourite cut flowers to sow now. You can sow into seed trays which I find helps to stagger a crop. If you are feeling brave sow directly into beds. I won’t lie panic has set in, I have been liberally scattering this week as a back up.

Let’s get onto the list…

Cosmos, cosmos, cosmos! These joyful beauties come in all sorts of different colours. I love Purity and always have a soft spot for a Picotee mix.

Sunflowers – So fast to grow but a huge favourite with the slugs. Plant three times the amount you need and I promise you’ll have them blooming until November.

Zinnias – I’ve had mixed results growing these, last year they were amazing so back on my list. Another favourite with the slugs but worth it.

Amaranth – These make any arrangement look extra special. There are so many different colours to choose from, which will you pick?

Dahlias You can start tubers now or sow from seed. They make a late summer so special – note to self, give them lots of space.

Cornflowers I always say I’ll go easy on these in my cutting beds. I have been scattering them amongst the roses in the hope of a dreamy meadow situation.

Let’s give special mention for herbs and edibles. This area of planting is so fun and has the potential for making your garden extra special.

I love to explore the different properties of each plant and if I wasn’t doing this as a business would mainly grow herbs and other magical plants!

Herbs and Edibles –  Mint and strawberry plants make the best foliage for small jam jar arrangements. I spend a lot of time searching for interesting varieties. I love learning about their healing properties and sneak a few more into the garden every year.

What cut flowers to grow for summer
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Summer cut flowers to start in May
Summer flowers to sow now
  • What flowers to sow now for summer

I hope this inspires you to give growing a try this year. My biggest learning is – there is a year for everything. Don’t give up if you don’t get instant success, gardening is all about learning and a having continuous curiosity. Give yourself time to learn and experience a few years outside and I promise you’ll be rewarded with flowers from the first daffodil to the last dahlia.


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