Colour Inspiration for a summer tablescape

Let’s start the week with a little inspiration. June has been my busiest flower growing month so far with many different things going on. It’s often when I’m at my busiest I find myself side tracking and making project piles as I deliver the main event! Not 100% helpful but it’s how things go. Today’s post is one such pile…

I was creating funeral flowers last Monday and the off cuts and tiny stems looked so pretty on the table with a few table setting bits I’ve been gathering lately. I love the earthy-ness of the muted napkins, dyed silk and hessian with the freshness of the roses and freshly opened Ammi majus. I wanted to set the table ‘properly’ using all these items but time wasn’t on my side and thought I’d photograph everything as a working mood-board so you can take forward in your own way.

Now that I’ve begun working outside of my home for events I’m getting a sense of scale and volume that event spaces need to feel full. In my experimenting, I was looking at layering patterns and to give the base of the table plenty of interest before the gentlest of floral finishes can be added.┬áThis idea could easily be replicated on long trestle tables for a relaxed country wedding , keeping mixed vases full of low flowers that trail and wind amongst the guests. Gingham napkins become placemats with the actual napkins decorating the plates with everything sitting on a perfectly faded tablecloths. My tip for getting the right level of faded, is to either use a tablecloth on the reverse if its new or genuinely leaving outside for the summer, like I did with this one!

I hope it gives you a few ideas to make your everyday beautiful, I have included a list of everything I used at the end of the post. Enjoy my friends.

  • Natural_napkin
  • Wollerton_Old_Hall_Rose
  • The_wedding_rose
  • Simple_details

Roses – Wedding Day and Wollerton Old Hall.
Ammi Majus – Sow the seeds in the Autumn and plant out in early spring for a summer solstice flowering
Tablecloth – Flying Tiger (last year and left outside for the summer)
Gingham Napkins – Dille & Kamille
Nude Napkin – Matalan (found in the discount section in store)
Vase – Petersham Nurseries (a Christmas present from years ago)
Plate – Vintage



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