Butterfly Wreath (for sale)


I have an idea that I keep coming back to, I’d like to spend the year making and using up all my materials and have a big sale next Christmas. I keep visualising my craft room to be a big empty space again full of new potential. Whilst I don’t feel like my treasures are weighing me down, I don’t feel like they are helping me move forward either. Perhaps the change of decade, the thought of Stanley starting school or a term of having a day to myself has given me some space to catch up and look at how I can move forward with my creativity.

Fittingly the first thing I made this year was the butterfly wreath, I’m never normally drawn to butterflies but I found these squirrelled away and thought they would be perfect for this wreath. I sprayed them an off white and added a soft touch of pink to the outer edges of the wings. The main wreath is made of a mix of natural and dyed grasses. Gorgeous as it looks here in Milly’s room, I’m ready to let it go. If you would like to buy, its £25 plus postage. It’s total one off (Stanley made light work of the other butterflies) and I’d love you to enjoy it. Email me – Lottsandlots@gmail.com for more details (I’ll post globally).

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