Space, is one of my words of the year. Through journalling and creating my yearly vision board was a word and feeling that kept popping up. Throughout the deep winter months, I’ve been clearing my cut flower beds to see what space I have for this year flowers. I’ve also been intentional with my time at the allotment where I have a couple of spare beds at my parents patch. I really want to make the most of the growing space I have there too before jumping headfirst into finding a field. This is a bit of a shift from last year’s dream but as I’m growing my seasonal cut flower business alongside my little family, the space I have will suffice for another year and it’s amazing what reveals itself once the weeds and leaves have been cleared away.

I spent a good few hours digging at the allotment last week, removing heavy clumps of grass and perennial weeds and working through a thick layer of manure. It’s never looked better. On my way home I snipped a few stems of blackthorn blossom to play with as a reward for all the dirty (but essential) work I’d been doing earlier on. The colours are so delicate and it felt  good to get my hands on some flowers again,  a reminder that it won’t be long before the years flowers start to bloom in abundance.

  • Blossom_Study
  • Vintage_Urn_and_Blossom
  • Blackthorn_Blossom
  • Table_detail_Blossom
  • Spring_details
  • Rusty_Scissors


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