Autumn Flowers

This Autumn has been a truly bountiful one and I’m taking time today to pause and process just how lovely it’s been. It started with another magnificent pop-up shop at Boni-vee, selling bunches, jam jars and dried wreaths. From there, I was invited to speak at a local craft venue sharing my story and the joy that is locally grown flowers. I’ve sold flowers by the bucket and even written for a magazine once again. I can’t tell you how grateful I am for everything that has come my way and feeling that all the hard work (don’t be fooled by the beauty) is really beginning to pay off. I’ll be sad to close this season of the garden in a few weeks time but as an eternal optimist I’m looking forward to a new one.

Back to the present, the Autumn garden has been a magnificent one. Knowing there is nothing more to do gives space to relish every petal and every harvest. The dahlia’s are finally opening up and enjoying themselves after the hot summer, I’ll leave them in as long as I can. Sunflowers have been pumping out blooms like never before – I’ll definitely be adding lots of new varieties to the garden next year as I think there is lots of fun to be had. Same with Amaranth, it’s the easiest plant to grow, adds a bit of wow to all bouquets and dries really nicely. I can’t mention Autumn flowers without talking about Strawflowers, this years have been like little gems. I concentrated on growing just the pink, salmon and white varieties. My experiment in leaving the plants to over winter paid off and I’ve had blooms summer long and always when I’ve needed them.

Most fantastic of all, are the people finding me as they search for locally grown flowers. I’m so passionate about what I do and whilst my farm is still in its early days being able to offer buckets, jars and bouquets to my local community is the best job in world.

  • Autumn_Jam_Jar Flowers
  • Atumn_Flower_popup
Fresh Flowers and Dried Wreaths
  • September_Sunflowers
  • Autumn_Jam_Jar Flowers
  • Orange Dahlias
  • Autumn_Display
  • Buckets_of_Locally_Grown_Flowers
  • Yellow_David_Austin_Rose
  • Autumn_Flowers
  • October_Flower_Buckets
  • Dahlias_Sunflowers
  • Penhill_Watermelon_Dahlia


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