You can feel the seasonal change with these images, there is a coolness in the air, taking the last of the fresh flowers into the darker months with it. I’ve spent a lot of my adult life dreading the change of season but since working with flowers I realise there is nothing to be scared of. The winter months are a time of reflection and planning, looking back and what has been to create something even better for the next year. You always get a second chance to create in the garden, nothing is permanent it’s constantly moving and changing, I love that.

I’m so glad I took the time to set a table with these flowers, I suspected they were the last harvest of sunflowers and dahlias and I wasn’t wrong. Our hot summer meant a late crop of dahlias but the sunflowers thrived, giving so many joyful blooms. People get a bit funny with yellow flowers but they always bring a smile. I’ve made a big note to add more varieties to the cutting beds next year, the yellow spectrum is a varied one and one I’d like to explore. Another reason to love sunflowers is, they can be planted as late as July and still flower for months, giving a bountiful crop well into Autumn – yes!

For this table I kept it really simple, my flower stall trestle table with newly painted pink top and simple calico cloth provided the backdrop. I then layered jam jars and candles to create height, texture and warmth. Pink plates, gingham napkins and some old favourite glasses finished the table off. I decided to include some of my favourite flower books and my snips to make it feel freshly picked and connect it to the flower beds behind it.

I hope you enjoy these images, the seasonal switch has happened in my brain and its fairy lights from now on!

  • Coral Dahlias
  • Sunflowers and Candles
  • Autumn tones
Gingham napkins
Autumn tablescape
British flowers October
  • autumn floral tones
  • locally grown dahlias
Abundant autumn table
autumn table top


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