We are having the most beautiful Autumn, a perfect mix of sunshine and rain is making the garden GLOW! I love sharing the joy of my tiny flower farm and try to put as much as I can online, here and through my Instagram account but nothing beats seeing and feeling it in real life. At my most recent workshop – Autumn Seed Sowing and Jam Jar Arranging (I really need a more catchy title!) I was able to welcome some lovely ladies into the garden, teaching them how to create their own cut flower beds, share seeds to sow this autumn and how to sow them for a perfect spring/summer crop and using flowers cut straight from the beds, we made gorgeous jam jar posies to take home. It was SO good!

I love teaching workshops and slowly but surely building more of them into my business. I’m hoping that now my youngest has settled into school and I’m feeling more confident with how my farm is growing, I’ll have that extra capacity to put them on more regularly. In fact, the job of the week, is to get workshops for Christmas and beyond up on my website.

For this post I didn’t get a chance to take any photos before or during the workshop but I did get a peaceful window to capture it once we were done. Inspired and encouraged by what I’d just taught, it was a perfect time to reconnect with the space I love so much and begin a whole new season. If you’d like to come along to a workshop, keep an eye out on my workshop page here on the website, sign up for my newsletter or follow me on Instagram. Booking is easy, just message and I send you payment details to confirm a spot. I would love to see you at my table or out in the garden sometime soon. They really do nourish the soul and give us all the space we need in a busy and heavy world.

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