A Summer Celebration Table with Talking Tables

To celebrate the summer I’ve partnered with Talking Tables to bring you a gorgeous summer tablescape using their beautiful partyware.  I’ve worked with them over the past few years and really loving how they, like myself, have become so much more aware of throw away party decor. The selection I’ve worked with today can all be reused or recycled, to be enjoyed for many summers to come – hooray! Another factor I can get behind is encouraging as many people as possible to get outside and enjoy their gardens. As part of the National Garden Scheme, headed up by the legend that is Mary Berry, Talking Tables is donating 5% of all profits from its Truly Scrumptious range from now until September to help raise money for vital nursing and health charities, another good cause I can 100% get behind.

Let’s get to the table, shall we..?!

I’m glad I set this up when I did as the VERY next day the fence was replaced and would have given a very different look and feel. I love this corner of the garden, not only can I see all my cut flower beds and down the garden path. It’s all reclaimed and feels like a secret spot. The fences did need replacing so I covered the worst of them with a French linen tablecloth – don’t worry if you need to play a bit of hide and seek when setting up a table. It all adds to the secret nature of this lovely little garden party nook.

To decorate, I used the Paisley Fabric Table Cover on the reverse side to give it a sun faded feel, Pastel Honeycomb Decorations and the prettiest Pastel Fabric Bunting. The colour mix is great, I chose to pick out the lilac colour with my flowers, depending on your party theme you could highlight any of the sweet pastel shades and re-use for many parties to come. To finish, the pink bud vases and green glass candle holders (which I have just found out can be used as a bud vases or tea light holders!) topped with Spiral Candles ,made little pockets of subtle sparkle around the table. They mixed really well with existing pieces from my cake stand collection creating another layer of textures and tones. If there is cake around then you’ll need a few fun napkins, these Boho Paisley Paper Napkins are so summery and I was delighted to find some wildflower seeds in my parcel of goodies that make a great party favour.

When it came to the flowers I was inspired by my left overs. During this growing season I’m often left with a glut of filler flowers like Briza Maxima, Fever Few or Orach. Obviously they look amazing mixed into bouquets and jam jars but I love the impact of a single colour or flower on its own. The sweet peas were giving one last flush of flowers and the scabiosa were just getting warmed up. The whispy lilac shades were dreamy so I cut all I could and put them into this simple white urn. I had intended to do more to them but loved the relaxed  freshly pickeds feel they gave the table.

I can’t do one of these posts without mentioning cake. I baked a really simple Vanilla Bean Bundt Cake and decorated with a few leaves and bunches of wild strawberries. a dash of mascarpone covered the side that got stuck in the tin and a dusting of icing sugar makes it look a little more elevated. I can confirm it was delicious and will definitely add to my baking repertoire!

I really hope you’ve enjoyed this post and feel full of inspiration to grow and host your own garden party. I love putting these together and feel really encouraged to play with more ideas this summer. A huge thanks to Talking Tables for providing all the party pieces for this post and thank you for supporting me to create new ideas which I hope will make your everyday beautiful. I have linked some of my previous Talking Tables posts below if you’d like to see more, summer is the BEST!

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Secret corner of the garden
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Summer sweetpeas
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Summer urn decoration


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