A review of our Creative Cocoon

I’ve been wanting to write about the Creative Cocoon Season I hosted alongside the wonderful Helen Davies for a while but it’s almost felt too special to share, until now…

Towards the end of last year I had a real feeling that creative folk needed some time out to create and explore those thoughts that lurk at the back of our minds, sometimes clouding our ideas, sometimes sparking new ones. A passion of mine is cultivating a creative environment where others can take timeout to get messy and use their hands, perhaps its a throwback from the sad years of working in dull offices but I love nothing more than hosting people around my table and seeing those sparks of imagination fly. With running regular workshops, I meet so many different people and over the last few months heard the need and saw the importance of having a place to create and just be without having to justify or quantify the time.

I knew that I needed some space to create and was sure others needed it too, enter Helen Davies creative journal artist¬†extraordinaire…

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I met Helen a year or so ago at the monthly Women’s Networking group we both attend. Her journals are works of art and I knew she was the lady to work with in setting this season up. When we started planning we both wanted to conjure up a safe space for attendees to explore ideas and try new things without pressure or expectation. I’m new to art journalling in this way and having a concept to work with over eight weeks was a wonderful way to be introduced to the practice of journalling and having a structure to dig deeper into a topic, really helped me to explore my ideas.

We set our theme around growing a garden and what feeling we wanted to cultivate for 2023. Each week Helen drew on her vast knowledge and pulled out different ¬†journalling techniques. We went from simple mark making using twigs and flowers to creating tiny tags and pockets incorporating words of inspiration. We then looked at creating without the need for perfection (the hardest one for me) and finally finished with a central page consolidating all we’d experienced, topped off with a flower person expressing our hopes for the year ahead. We really worked hard ¬†to plan before every session to ensure we drew out the best in our wonderful attendees.

As the weeks went by, we gathered more ladies (men are always welcome) around the table and encouraged, nudged and allowed everyone to create in a way that spoke to them. I loved seeing the journals grow with new ideas and beautiful pages evolve into a story that spoke to its creator. Most of all it got us all through January and February with something to look forward to every other week!

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Space, rhythm and strength where the words that stood out to me during the exercises. I’ve found that setting up and running my business whilst looking after my family all from my kitchen a wonderful but FULL experience. So much has changed since I started selling flowers and running workshops, my little ones are not so little and I have so much more experience and ideas that I want to share. I knew that taking part in this journalling process would help me bring my feelings to the fore and articulate what I needed to do next. Working with Helen has given me the confidence and the support to look at new options and I’m excited to see where they lead. One thing I am certain is, Helen and I will work together again to bring you more glorious seasons of art journalling . We have already started planning and we hope that you will join us…

A huge thanks to Helen for all her wonderful ideas and art materials and to all the ladies that joined us and kindly let me photograph and share their work.

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Art Journal Season
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