A Greenhouse mini makeover


Sure, it might not be the most dramatic greenhouse make-over or the most beautiful but with only a can of paint and a few buckets of hot soapy water I was able to give my greenhouse some much needed TLC. The greenhouse was a bit of a bonus when we first viewed the house, tucked away in our ‘hidden garden’ it housed more weeds than anything else. Apart from clearing the weeds and adding wooden planks to the bench side not much else has been over the last few years. With time on my side I finally got round to giving it a spruce, the windows needed a clean and I wanted to add another potting bench for all my seedlings.

As I said it wasn’t a big makeover . I began by clearing everything out, getting rid of anything broken or perished. I then gave the poor windows a good clean, it must have been well over ten years since they were last washed – some of them felt very fragile so I went gently. There was a spare door left over from our guest room renovations kicking around the garden, the perfect size for a new potting bench. I gave it a very quick sand and then two coats of Cuprinol Garden Shades – Sweet Pea Pink. We had two work bench supports not doing anything apart from house spiders, I gave them a good clean and used for the legs. As bind weed likes to sneak in anywhere it can I added an outside rug (last seen here) as a pretty suppressant and then added my beloved seedings back into their new home.

I’ve always loved spending time in the greenhouse but even more so at the moment. This mini make-over has made such a difference it’s amazing how transformed the old and unloved can be with just a lick of paint and a good sort out. Happy growing friends! xx


Before, before




After (I promise it is much better!)








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